Marigold Library System & Western Irrigation District Headquarters

Marigold Library System and Western Irrigation District (WID) are working collaboratively towards the construction and operation of a co-owned facility for the benefit of both organizations, their stakeholders and the community.


In August 2017, the Western Irrigation District (WID) and Marigold Library System, two community-minded organizations, forged ahead with a project to share and co-own a headquarters building.  

The new headquarters will be made up of over 30,000 square feet, and will provide a modern layout and improved workflow for increased capacity to host meetings and training events and opportunities to collaborate with community organizations.

Construction on the six-acre parcel began in September 2020. The building, which is projected to be completed by summer 2021, will be made up of separate and shared spaces, totaling just over 30,000 square feet.

The new headquarters building not only secures a long-term future for both organizations within Strathmore, but will offer a large meeting room that provides the opportunity to host larger events and community organizations. 

The Marigold Library System and Western Irrigation District staff moved into their new facility in October 2021.