Groundbreaking At Marigold/WID Building

By Monique Massiah

Strathmore Now

The future site of a WID and Marigold Library Systems facility. Photo credit: Strathmore Now

Shovels went in the ground this morning and the heavy machinery came out as Marigold Library System and the Western Irrigation District (WID) began working on their joint project, a new facility in Strathmore. The facility will be located on the corner of Orchard Park Road and Pine Road in Strathmore.

In 2017, Marigold began working with the WID on a shared facility. On the organization's website it states that since 2002 Marigold’s service population has nearly tripled and with that, they require a larger and more functional building. The current Marigold Building is a 9,650 square foot space. That building was originally constructed in 1953 as an armoury.

Michelle Toombs the CEO of Marigold Library System spoke about the project, “The staff and board members at Marigold Library System are excited and jubilant that we have reached this point where there are shovels in the ground and construction about to start for a new facility that we have been working on for a long time.”

In terms of the new facility, Toombs explained that a larger facility would give Marigold the ability to expand some of the roles that they have taken on over the years. “For example, the work that we are doing to support IT networks and systems, and also the fact that we are taking on a bigger role to deliver materials between libraries so that patrons can have the holds that they have requested,” she said.

Marigold Library System worked with the WID, who own parcels of undeveloped land in Strathmore.

The new building will have a shared space, but will also provide staging and workroom area for shipping and receiving, space of the IT department, space for loading and unloading vehicles, larger bathrooms, and room to host meetings and events as well.

Toombs explained, “The facility that we are in right now, which was a very excellent building, was started in 1953. And in the last 15 years, we have tripled our service population.”

That service area extends from the Saskatchewan-Alberta border to the border with B.C. and as far north as Trochu and Consort and as far south as High River and Longview.

It covers a population of about 326,000 users.

“Libraries have evolved a great deal. They have transformed to meet a variety of needs in the community. We’re not just about books anymore,” she said.

“We’ve expanded to provide a lot of online services, a lot of virtual programming, learning facilities, modules, and resources and so the kind of space that we need has to also modernize to be able to deliver that type of work,” says Toombs.

The building is expected to be complete roughly in the summer of 2021.

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